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Epic Rollertainment, Murrieta, California

EPIC logoBuilt from a former furniture showroom, Shauna Grammatico and her husband, Joe opened Epic Rollertainment in December of 2013. What’s so epic about this particular roller rink? First, let’s start with the name. It’s a cool, hip, and original brand with a surfer beach theme that rolls throughout the venue. It’s a shining example of how roller rinks can serve today’s skaters. Second, it’s nothing like your parent’s skate center.

Entering the vast 28,000 square foot building you feel like you’re at the beach. The only thing missing is the smell of the salt water and suntan lotion. The front entry showcases surfboard advertising and a picket fence, along with a sign that reminds visitors to stop and pay.

EPIC Snack Bar EPIC Sk8 PlateA food truck hides the large kitchen in the back by the snack bar, and continues the beach theme. On the menu, there’s wraps, gourmet pizza, salads, craft beer, and wine! And the EPIC SK8 California license plate on the food truck adds another touch. 

Pro Shop GiftsThe beachfront pro shop, On Shore Wheels and Things is stocked with skates, parts, shirts, tools, laces, stickers, doo dads and everything a skater could want or need. I could have spent an hour in there and probably run up a huge bill as well, except it was closed during the session and I had to ask to be let in. I loved browsing through the fun merchandise. I felt like I was in Skate Paradise!

EPIC Party tablesThe party tables and games are located far from the skating floor but close to the snack bar. I love this! It keeps the pizzas and sticky soft drinks away from the skating floor and it keeps the parties in a quieter area for their greater enjoyment. And the regular skaters don’t have to be subjected to the party guests and food servers under foot.

The rental counter looks like the surf washing up on shore. They offer a sizing chart so no one has to guess what their skate size is. Riedell Sizing Guide

Then there’s the vintage roller skating photos, which also classes up the place. I couldn’t find a clown or kiddy theme anywhere in the building. 

EPIC Roller Fitness Epic also offers Roller Fitness classes. That’s a full-body workout on roller skates that uses the skates as weights, and also improves balance, flexibility, and cardio fitness. When exercise is fun, people can stick with it. Roller skating is fitness disguised as fun.

Bill CarlsonThere are several comfy couches for socializing throughout the building tucked away in corners that are noticeably upscale with no carpeting to speak of. After all, you wouldn’t see carpet at the beach. There are also no skate mate trainers anywhere in the building. You will notice however a photo of Bill Carlson on the wall. Bill was the consultant the Grammatico’s hired to help design and open Epic Rollertainment. It was Bill’s last rink before he passed away in 2014. He made amazing contributions to the roller skating industry and is sorely missed.

Comfy CouchesOne drawback at Epic Rollertainment that hard core skaters will notice is the lifeguard tower in the middle of the floor along with 2 poles. While the most preferred type of rink is an open span; converting an existing furniture store with poles is no easy feat. The guard tower not only helps hide one of the poles, it’s big enough to keep people from skating into it. And it allows for the DJ to keep a closer eye on what’s going on and double as a floor guard. Keep an eye out if you’re doing any backwards skating.

Average session admission: $5-$11

Website: EpicRollertainment.com

Location: 39809 Avenida Acacias, Murrieta, CA 92563 / between Exit 1 and Exit 2 off I-215 north of the I-15 interchange and on the east side of the highway.

Susan Geary
Susan is a roller rink consultant with experience gained as the former Editor of Rinksider Magazine. She's been a recreational indoor quad skater for 30+ years.

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