Roller Skating Rocks

Were you a rink rat in high school? Did you hang out at your local roller rink week after week? If so, then you understand why roller skating rocks. Most of us gave up skating for other interests and are starting to recall how much fun it is. Perhaps it’s attending a skating party for your child’s or grandchild’s birthday. Or you want to improve your fitness level without all the danger involved.

Here are my Top 10 reasons why roller skating rocks it at any age.

  1. It’s safe. Yes, it really is. Especially if you roller skate indoors. There are no rocks to roll over, cars to dodge, rough pavement, or the possibility of getting stranded 2 miles from your car with a thundercloud overhead. The Roller Skating Association asserts that roller skating is 5x safer than bicycling.
  2. It burns calories. Depending on how fast you skate and what you weigh, you can burn about 500 calories an hour.
  3. It’s low impact. The gliding movement is a lot easier on your joints as opposed to running or tennis. Your ankles, hips, and knees will thank you.
  4. It tones muscles. Those are weights strapped to your feet, so it’s like you’re doing cardio and weight lifting at the same time. Your butt will begin to lift.
  5. Improves balance. Can you stand on one foot for very long? This is what keeps us upright and prevents falling in later years. Skating is the perfect activity to maintain posture and balance through the senior years.
  6. It feels good doing it. Feeling the wind in your hair makes you feel like you’re flying. Remembering how to skate backwards and do tricks: priceless.
  7. It improves your mood. An increased heart rate and fitness program boosts endorphin and serotonin levels.
  8. It’s an enjoyable activity you can stick with. When you look forward to skating every week, it becomes a fitness and social routine.
  9. You can skate at any age. I have skated alongside 80 year olds and 2 year olds. Roller skating is one of the few activities that can be shared across generations as a family activity you can all do together. Not only that, you can impress your kids because you may be a better skater than them.
  10. It’s a great value. Skating prices are a bargain when you compare it to snow skiing or a monthly gym pass. With roller skating, you only pay for the sessions you attend.

If you skated when you were younger, and then took a 20 year break, you’re not alone! We launched to keep you in the know about recreational roller skating.

Susan Geary
Susan is a roller rink consultant with experience gained as the former Editor of Rinksider Magazine. She's been a recreational indoor quad skater for 30+ years.

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