Roller Rink Consulting

Susan Geary – Roller Rink Consultant

Have you always dreamed of operating your own roller skating rink? You’ve come to the right place. I’m a skating rink consultant, with more than 20 years of vast experience in the roller skating industry, including rink management, roller skating journalist, skating instructor, skate brand representative, rink DJ, party hostess, snack bar attendant, and co-chair of the Roller Skating Suppliers and Manufacturer’s Association.

Deep Understanding of Roller Skating Rinks

Whether you need a business plan, resources for rink financing, a design consultant, tips on hiring a top-notch staff, advice on rental skates, or architectural drawings for your project, I’ve got you covered.

Think of me as your rink mentor. As a skating journalist covering the industry for Rinksider Magazine, I have interviewed and written about some of the best operators in the business. I attend annual conventions and trade shows, and rink townhall meetings to stay abreast of the latest information. I’m sure I can put you on the fast track to successful ownership. Side note, I’m also a finicky customer who tends to prefer the Starbucks experience over a Chuck E. Cheese. And there are many more like me. It’s a highly underserved market.

Start a roller skating rink business and build a profitable venture

My deep research into the roller rink industry would probably earn me a Master’s Degree if any University offered it. Who knew there would be music licensing to worry about, food and beverage costs, workers comp, and other HR functions. Plus accounting, computer systems, pricing, and continuous training.

Together we’ll discuss and plan for your success

We’ll dive deep into deciding whether to purchase an existing facility or build a new rink, develop a marketing plan, begin public relations, learn about avoiding liability, and build a sustainable team. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of things like obtaining a liquor license, holding birthday parties, selling food, and having arcade games.

I know why roller skating rinks fail

My experience has taught me that roller rinks fold because of lack of passion, mismanagement, or misunderstanding of the risks surrounding this unique business type.

The manager who lacks passion usually does not skate, and has little interest in the hard work required to successfully operate such a unicorn of a business.

These are typically the families who inherited the property, run it into the ground, and then sell to real estate developers, where a car dealership or other more lucrative business replaces the old roller rink.

Casualties and Mismanagement

I’ve seen rinks shut down due to embezzlement, collapsed roofs, raging fires, murders, and the lack of understanding of roller rink risk management or a desire to learn.

And I’ve heard from those who want to build a rink on the second story (or higher) in a building, and why I have to tell them it’s not feasible.

I’ve seen rinks fail in great economies, and others thrive through deep recessions. I’ve learned which roofs tend to leak more, and why rinks don’t have windows anymore.

Have I piqued your attention?

If you’re considering starting a roller skating rink, fill out the form below and let’s talk. I’ll tell you the pros, cons, risks, and rewards of your ideas, saving you thousands in potential mistakes, and offering viable alternatives to get the most bang for your buck and a more stable ROI.