10 Things Rink Owners wish Skaters Would Stop Doing

Every once in awhile we come come across rink visitors who don’t understand certain rules and why they need to be enforced.  So here is the short list of 10 things rink owners wish their patrons would quit doing.

  1. Chewing Gum: It’s not about the decorum of gum chewing. It’s the fact that it pops out of your mouth if you fall and ends up in the carpeting or on the skating floor mangled up in another skater’s wheel. And when it ends up in the carpeting, it just looks nasty. 20160514_135115



  1. Wearing hats on the skating floor: Again, it’s not about decorum, but it’s a safety hazard. If you fall and your hat comes off your head, chances are someone else may roll into it, and fall.
  1. Leaving your shoes/skates in the middle of the walkway. A skating rink is not your bedroom where you can haphazardly shed and go. Make sure your shoes or skates are safely tucked under a bench or stored in a locker so others won’t trip over them.20160514_150658



  1. Setting your drinks on the skate wall! When someone accidentally knocks off your coffee or soda, it winds up on the skating floor. When you’re on skates, that’s a slippery ordeal and very dangerous. Please keep your drinks off the wall and the skating floor.IMG_0298


  1. Showing up for a party with no advance reservations. Rink owners really do want to accommodate you, so help them do the best job possible by booking a party. If you’re having a special occasion, call them and ask what the rules are for presents, cakes, party room rental times, and the number of people you’re bringing. Having a dedicated server, and all of the details laid out ahead of time means you’ll get the best service possible. And that will make you shine in front your party guests. party
  1. Littering their parking lot. When you’re done with that Icee, how about using the trash can on your way out, or taking it home with you? When rink owners have to pay their employees to clean up the parking lot, that means we all have to pay higher admission fees. Respect the rink.  lot-litter



  1. Hogging a snack bar table all day without buying anything. It costs money to heat and cool that building you’re in. And if you’re using the free WiFi? That costs the rink owner money too. Go buy yourself a soda or a bottle of water and help chip in.


  1. Setting skates or shoes on snack bar tables. Do you do this at home? Do you know where those wheels have been? (Let me give you a hint. Those restroom floors can get pretty gross.) IMG_0292


  1. Carrying babies in your arms while on skates. This goes without saying, but apparently it doesn’t sink in, so let’s spell it out. You fall, the kid tumbles. You look bad and the rink owner looks bad. It’s not worth the risk of a brain injury or death. Please, don’t do it. 


  1. Staying home. A full rink is a fun rink. So if you’re looking for a fun activity for the whole family, that’s open year round, is relatively cost effective (compared to snow skiing or a day at the movies,) and offers great fitness benefits, you’ll find it at your favorite roller rink. Come join the fun.