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Skating Centers across the nation need instructors — NOW!

Why you should consider becoming a skate instructor

In case you didn’t hear the news, the Roller Skating Association recently unveiled a Learn 2 Skate program to support its newly introduced competitive skate program. Since 2019, the USRSS (an arm of the RSA and the IHA) has been running speed meets with a national event culminating over Father’s Day Weekend. Now, the organization want to add artistic and rhythm skating into the mix for future events.

In order to accomplish this Herculean task, they’ll need to put a skating instructor in every rink across the US. That’s why they produced training videos that guide coaches on “how to teach” skating. It’s one thing to know how to skate. It’s another to actually teach the skill to others. Everyone learns differently, so having different ways of teaching is a plus. A 5-year-old learns differently than a 45-year-old.

The program is still in the early stages, and a lot of rink owners need instructors to teach basic roller skating skills. While some managers will do it themselves or already have a staff of instructors, the rest are hiring. Being a skating instructor is rewarding and a lot of fun. And you don’t have to have any experience. The RSA will certify you to teach skating through the member rink that hires you.


Some people were born to coach roller and ice skating. Maybe they held a spot on the podium in the past and want to pass on their knowledge. If you never competed, that’s okay. What matters is how well you learn and can pass it on to others.  Many of us already know to skate – we just don’t know how to teach others. That’s why certification training is important. Plus, it adds a layer of insurance to mitigate risk.

Necessary traits

Having a good rapport with skaters of all ages and skill-levels is key. Also note, you’ll get a lot of questions about equipment, so familiarity of skate brands, styles, and performance ratings are a plus. Skate instructors need to exercise patience and closely observe how the skater moves in order to make corrections and prevent falls. And they need to encourage their students to keep trying and practicing.  Sometimes kids will have a meltdown if they’re not skating FAST right out of the gate. At the other end of the spectrum could be an adult paralyzed in fear – of falling.


There are many benefits to teaching roller skating. For one, you’re helping to further the sport to keep it going for future generations. And you’ll get a sense of satisfaction watching your students advance. When roller skating is finally accepted into the Olympics, perhaps it will be one of your talented skaters. You can make some extra money. Plus, you’ll become a better skater!

Skate Styles

There are different styles of roller skating, such as dance, jam, derby, speed, figures, rhythm, slalom, and free-style. If you’re skilled in one or more of these disciplines, and enjoy teaching others, you are exactly what rink operators are looking for.  

How to get Started

Reach out to your local skating center to inquire about their need for a skating instructor. Find one here.

Susan Gearyhttp://https//susangeary.com
I roller skate and I write about. As the former Editor of Rinksider Magazine, I have amassed a wealth of knowledge about rink management, and have developed a network of successful rink operators to glean the best information from.

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