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Why Rental Skates Don’t Fit

A common theme I see at the roller rink is ill-fitting rental skates. The typical scenario involves older adults who were avid skaters 20-40...

How much does a roller rink cost?

The most common question I get when people are putting together their business plan is how much does a rink cost? That will vary...

FECs vs. Roller Rinks

What to know about each Many of today’s new roller rinks offer more than just skating. With additional attractions, they become known as Family Entertainment...

Are you sure you want to own a roller rink?

It's a lot harder than it looks. As with any business, a great roller skating rink becomes great because of its people, first and foremost....

Should Roller Rinks have Windows?

Through the years, there has been debate about windows in a roller rink. They seem like a good idea, but I’m not so sure,...

Kate’s Roller Rinks are Legendary

Kate’s Roller Rinks in the Greater Charlotte area of North Carolina, offer a legendary skating experience, whether you're 5, 65, play derby, speed skate,...

Top Rink-tributes for 2022

Because I visit and write about rinks, I get asked a common question: “what’s your favorite?” That’s a hard one to answer because every...

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Suggested last minute gifts for roller skaters so you're not dealing with returns after the New Year.

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