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Mysterious Skate Floor Markings and Why They Matter

If you've been to several roller rinks, you probably noticed that many have a bunch of stripes, circles, and lanes painted on the floor....

Don’t Fear the Health Inspector

Every snack bar will get a visit from the Health Inspector. Instead of dreading it, be ready for it. They can show up at...

Roller Skate Resolutions

Roller skating is never publicized as a way to reach fitness goals for New Year's Resolutions. Let's change that.

Get in the Parade!

Holiday parades are a great way to showcase your rollerskating rink to the local community, and it’s a great value, when you consider the...

Help Skaters Find Your Rink

"Where are you located?" is a common question that skate tourists have when it comes to visiting new rinks. With the advent of smartphones, and...

Skate Maintenance Seminars

October is National Roller Skating Month That means rinks across the country will once again be offering a Learn to Skate class sometime during the...

Rink Lighting Should Excite, Not Annoy

Skating in a roller rink should be fun and exciting, and not annoying. While the lighting system is an important facet of the rink...

Diamonds vs. Squares in Rink Flooring

Have you ever skated across square tiles? Whether they are ceramic, which are common in a lot of older rink’s restrooms, or those plastic...

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