Rink Life Skate-Ettiquette

Please don’t do this

Those of us who visit the rink see it all the time. People who treat snack bar tables like it’s a gym locker. I’ve seen dirty socks, shoes, and of course, sweaty roller skates on tabletops located in the cafe. It’s not always from new guests either, although they are a contributing factor. Many times it’s the rink rats, who use the tables to store or pull apart their skates.

When did we lose our sense of decorum in a roller rink? I realize we’re not the yacht club, but let’s face it. No one wants to eat off a table that’s covered in carpet muck, bacteria, fecal matter, urine, or whatever else those wheels have rolled through.

No matter how clean you get them, they don’t belong on a table where food is served. Skates roll through restrooms, and then onto carpeting and the skate floor. That’s a lot of shared germs.

Would you place your sneakers or skates on a table at a fancy restaurant? Or at home? Regardless, please don’t do it in a roller rink.

Be mindful of others and respect the rink. Use lockers or store skates under benches and tables, and not on them.

Thank you for skating.